St Herman of Alaska Orthodox Church
Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia
161 N. Murphy Ave. Sunnyvale, CA 94086

St. Herman of Alaska Orthodox Church is an English language parish of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia. We are a community comprised of those coming from Orthodox homelands as well as converts to the Orthodox faith. All services are conducted in English and we welcome all to ‘come and see’ the beauty and spiritual richness of the Orthodox Christian tradition.


All visitors are welcome! Only Orthodox Christians who have prepared themselves with confession and prayer should approach the Chalice for Holy Communion. If you are a visiting Orthodox Christian, please contact Fr Martin either at the Vigil service or via phone 714-408-6456 if you intend to receive Communion. 


Dressing for Church with modesty and reverence

The Church is the temple of God. It is where Heaven and earth meet and where we stand before God. As such we should come to church dressed in a manner fitting in with this understanding. Both men and women should dress in a way that is both respectful of God and others and should show modesty so as not to draw attention to oneself.

Men should wear collared shirts (not t-shirts and especially not t-shirts with logos or messages on them), and slacks or khaki pants (no sweats and no short pants).

Women should wear a dress or skirt (not pants), dresses or blouses should cover the shoulders. It has also been customary for women to cover their head with a scarf or modest hat. 

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